I’d love to send you energy and messages.






Music, breeze, texture, and people. I receive inspirations from all around this world. My abstract paintings are structured with colors, motions, and shapes from such inspirations. I believe that I paint something invisible such as energy and light.

I paint with energy floating inside of me at the moment of brushes in my hand. My each paintings are one of a kind. And I’ll never be able to paint exact the same piece.

The messages of energy paintings are the gifts. It will be very personal and timely experience whenever one painting finds its new home.

Whenever losing peace of mind, my paintings will comfort you and support your will just like a charm. At least, those are my wishes and my most loving parts of my creation as an artist!

YouTube チャンネルでは、メッセージと共に浮かぶエネルギーアートを描く過程と言葉や、その他水彩イラスト、道具・画材についてや、その他いろんなものづくりについてシェアしています。私自身の「日常をハッピーにする何か」もシェアします。少しでも笑顔のある毎日をつくる何かのきっかけになることを願って!どうぞ素敵な1日を!

On this channel, I share my watercolor abstract energy arts with messages, other watercolor illustrations, my tools and materials, and something creative that I try in my dairy life! I share something makes me happy! I Hope my channel will make an ounce of opportunity to find your way of smiles!


My most of works are introduced in my Instagram! You can see my abstract paintings and other illustrations for some clients’ and my projects! It is so nice that any of you feel healed and relaxed to see my artworks just like myself! Stop by and follow my Instagram account so that you won’t miss any chances to see healing arts and receive  messages of each paintings!


「私が何をどう考えて何をどうしているのかな?」そんな時は、家族で運営しているブログ・「kosayu house」での私が紡ぐ言葉たちを読んでもらえたらと思います。ブログで書き残す事柄は、アーティストとしてのノウハウ、YouTubeでシェアした動画のまとめ、タスクマネジメント、子育て、家事、精神的なこと、生き方、などなど多岐にわります。ひょっとしたら、他の誰かにも共通していたり、共感できたり、何かのきっかけになったり。そんなことを願っています!よかったら、立ち寄ってみてね!

Curious about what and how I think about things? Then the family-managed blog, “kosayu house” would be the place to go. I write about mostly everything about How-to as an artist, summaries about YouTube videos, task management, motherhood, households, something spiritual and the life! I take an ounce of chances that my experiences would be something informative and supportive to encourage to live a life happier for somebody out in the world! I hope you simply enjoy it and make your day smiling!  


For commissions, please e-mail to: