アーティスト、イラストレーター、クリエイター、デザイナーで、3人キッズのママでもある Fumiko Miyazawaです。大阪で生まれ、18才まで大阪で育ちました。


結婚・3人の出産を経て、子育てが少し落ち着いた頃、アクセサリーや布小物などのハンドメイドから少しずつものづくりを再スタート。2017年に自身のハンドメイドショップ、「That and This」をオープン(2021.10月閉店)。





Hey! I’m Fumiko Miyazawa, a Japanese self-taught artist, illustrator, creator, designer, wife, and 3-kids mom! Please call me “Fumi”!

A born-raised Osaka girl grew with creative activities in my childhood, but once set a goal to different career while my young days. The experiences  in USA has changed my destiny, when I encountered the world of graphic design! My sleeping creative curiosity was awaken at that time and it led my life to creative journey! The feeling of loving handmade has grown since then!

After getting married and delivering of my 3 children, I started my creative activities with handmade accessories and fabric items little by little and launched online shop, “That and This” in 2017.

One another tuning point was the time when my father-in-law passed away following devastating cancer after long struggle. My family and I had spent difficult years even after his death. But, such those hard days made me remembering that watercolor paintings had always healed me in my teenage years! That was my restart of watercolor paintings, and it was amazing how that activity enchanted me! The healing power was enormous, and made my life forward!

White canvas, colors and water. Not only the final look of paintings, but also all the processes are such energetic and therapeutic!

Thus, “an artist” has become my lifework. My art is, a creation that serves lights to the others and to myself at the same time.

I really feel happy to make somebody happy. And my only wish is to make as many smiles and lights as possible. That is who I am, and how my creation is meant to be.

My life with my family




The life with my husband and 3 children is the most beautiful and precious moments of my life!

My husband is my only person who truly understands and accepts who I am.  His loving, supportive, understanding personality is always a comfort for me. It is an undeniable fact that he is the one who lead to figure out who I am and to step toward what I love. I’m so grateful for him to spend this life beside me as my most powerful supporter in the world.

And my 3 beautiful kids! It is always interesting that each of them are unique in their own ways and fun in different directions. I am really grateful that they also love what I do, and always support their mother! Their smiles always give me such powerful energy!

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