energy painting

“Awaken” 「目覚め」 2021

原画 -Original-

Watercolor 水彩
333 x242mm (F4 size)


What we feel in our hearts creates the world appearing in front of us. Our hearts and souls have already known what colors of life we desire. We just listen to and take actions for the voices of ourselves, and we feel more confident on who we truly are.

◉ 素材:
高級水彩紙(厚み300g/㎡ 100%コットン中性紙)

◉ Materials: 
High quality heavy watercolor paper (300g/㎡ acid free/100% cotton)
Custom framed 
Sealed in artist quality varnish to protect the colors for years to come.

Price: 47,200 (in-tax)