energy painting

“Eclosion” 「羽化」2021

原画 -Original-

Watercolor 水彩
333 x242mm (F4 size)


The butterfly enclosed from pupa with dazzling golden powders flying in the air. Preciousness, divinity, and irresistible dazzle of life. There is invisible dazzling energy in every single life, and it is the fact holding true universally. The dazzle of soul is always beside us and shines our lives. Please do not forget that a life within you is the divinely shining existence of this universe. Somebody with deep love is always praying for us.

◉ 素材: 
高級水彩紙(厚み300g/㎡ 100%コットン中性紙)

High quality heavy watercolor paper (300g/ acid free/100% cotton)
Custom framed 
Sealed in artist quality varnish to protect the colors for years to come.

Price: 47,200 (in-tax)