energy painting

“Leap” 「高鳴り」2021

原画 -Original-

Watercolor + Watercolor pencil
333 x242mm (F4 size)


The positive energy and the sense of hope at the time when we feel a spirit of “we can do it!” The energy at the time when we start moving forward to “this is it!” The excitement when we do something enjoyable and happy. Whenever we are at the moments with full of energy, the energy affects people around us, and we will move up together. So, it is important and essential to make ourselves full of energy. Keep asking “how are you when you feel full of energy?” “what kinds of things would make you full of energy?” And don’t forget that the standards for others are not for you. The customized only one is the best for you!

◉ 素材: 
高級水彩紙(厚み300g/㎡ 100%コットン中性紙)

High quality heavy watercolor paper (300g/ acid free/100% cotton)
Custom framed 
Sealed in artist quality varnish to protect the colors for years to come.

Price: 47,200 (in-tax)