energy painting

“Sincerity” 「誠実」

Watercolor 水彩
333 x242mm (F4 size)

高級水彩紙(厚み300g/㎡ 100%コットン中性紙)

High quality heavy watercolor paper (300g/ acid free/100% cotton)
Sealed in artist quality varnish to protect the colors for years to come.

The Message of the Painting


The beam of light goes straight up to the sky with shines. When the light reaches to the horizon, it shines all around it. That is the scenery of this painting. All of us has such beam of light within us, no matter of assumptions about self-image. Our lights within us will go straight up to the sky and start to shine everywhere and everyone around us, whenever we recognize it and maximize on the power of it. Please live your life with sincerity and honesty toward “your own light.” When you lose sight of your own light, come here and take a look at this painting. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen to your inner voice.

sincerity 誠実